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The Way Is Through The Group

934One needs to make great efforts to convince oneself that the way to the Creator is through the group. After all, this path is not natural for us.

Everyone would want to come to the Creator for the sake of egoistic gain, with the hope of making their condition safe and secure. Otherwise, we exist in darkness and uncertainty and all hope is only in the support of the Creator.

However, on the way from me to the Creator there is the group, the ten, by which I can format myself in order to adhere to the Creator. The upper light comes from the Creator, but I cannot receive it unless it enters into ten desires. Therefore, I must collect these ten desires and connect the desires of my friends so that the Creator will clothe in these ten Sefirot.

The light passes through the Sefira Keter and spreads through all ten Sefirot, and then I begin to feel it below, in my Malchut. But I need to assemble this structure by agreeing that all these desires are mine and accepting all the conditions of the group.

The connection we are building will be arranged as described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot and will allow us through it to connect with the Creator and the Creator with us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/21,”Increasing the Importance of the Goal”

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The Creator Will Gladly Help Us

528.02It is clear that we are not able to change our nature from egoistic to altruistic. It is like rising from the level of created being to the level of the Creator. Of course, it is not in our power because we are just created beings and rather low.

Obviously, we have the chance to grow, but this is still ahead of us. The more we try to rise to the spiritual reality, the deeper we plunge into the corporeal world because the Creator created one against the other. It is due to both forces, Pharaoh and the Creator, and learning how to use them correctly so that we rise between the two, in the middle line, toward the Creator.

Of course, we cannot unite in the ten by ourselves, but we can ask the Creator to help us connect. But it is impossible to ask until we have tried to do it ourselves. That is, we make efforts to connect and discover how different we are, that do not accept each other, how lazy we are and do not understand what connection is, or what it means to be one man with one heart.

When we fall into despair from our attempts, we turn to the Creator. Now we have something to show Him: “Look, we tried everything and nothing works. You must help us!”

But if we did not start trying on our own, the Creator would not be able to help us. He always makes corrections to our unsuccessful attempts. All our work is to try to do something, and after that we have the right to turn to the Creator and He will help us with great joy. After our own attempts, we realized where the shattering occurred and how to correct it, and that we ourselves are not capable of it.

When a person tries to achieve unity on his own, that is, the spiritual degree where he is united with others, he reveals his helplessness. He understands that he has no feelings, no understanding of how to do this, and he needs to receive the upper force, the upper desire for this. That is, he lacks the work in the mind and heart.

The Creator does everything, but we must come to Him with despair from the work that we tried to do and did not succeed. Until we try it ourselves, we do not know what to ask for.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Build A Sensor For The Creator

963.8Question: We speak about wanting to attain what is written in the The Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah in our sensations. At the moment we feel very little. We understand very little and we are in a state which we don’t understand.

What is happening to us? How does the light operate on us and when will we understand that we have become a spiritual Partzuf? Will this come gradually or suddenly?

Answer: You need to unite and to be as one unique whole in order to become a spiritual Partzuf (a spiritual body).

This is the reason that you need to set apart a section of the group that is made of ten people, which will be your internal nucleus, and your ego will remain in the external part.

Whatever you can set apart of yourselves in order to give it to the ten, will connect you in the internal part and on the whole will be the group.

In the unity of the group you will begin to acquire the attribute of the one which is called the Creator and to feel Him. You will create the Creator by yourselves.

You will create Him out of your attributes of bestowal. You will begin to feel that what you have made is the Creator. Just as in our world we don’t feel what is happening but only our responses to something, it is the same here.

The Creator, Bore, is called “come and see,” “Bo–re” (in Hebrew).

Come means make, as it says, “you have made Me.” This is what the Creator says when He turns to those who have come near Him.

There is a force in creation called Atzmuto, which means by Himself, and in order to express Him inside us we need to build a sensor, to build our vessel, just like a radio receiver that will receive this wave and this will be the Creator inside us. Only inside us! He does not exist outside us! Outside us there is already Atzmuto, something that we don’t know what it is and have no right to speak about.

So our first goal is to make a group of ourselves, and what is felt between us is already the Creator. As for the egoistic part that is left, it will also begin to gradually connect to us until the Creator fills everything.

Question: To which part should we attribute the family, our work, and the whole external world?

Answer: We should attribute it to the beastly part that you have to care for. For example, you need to wash, feed, and put your body to sleep. You need to relate to it as to something foreign. You should also relate to your family, your work, and everything else in the same way.

You need to do all that, but the main thing is that you have another life on the spiritual side.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/4/19

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The Guiding Light Of Passover

936It seems that the Torah writes about adventures and great journeys: from ancient Babylon to the land of Canaan where Israel is today, from there to the Sinai desert, from the desert to Egypt and many years of living in it with all the events that took place there, and then fleeing from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea.

All this we should gradually separate from geographical places and historical events and place it inside a person as something that happens within him.

Each one should depict within oneself which qualities are called Egypt, the desert, Pharaoh, and Moses—all the details and characters of the story. This story should unfold inside a person and inside the relationships in the ten.

It is even harder to imagine this in the ten because it is closer to spirituality. We should build this process inside us in sensation so that everyone can feel how all the names the Torah mentions that refer to inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people as reflected in his feelings, thoughts, internal processes, and connections with others.

Gradually, a person begins to feel how the light of Passover works on him, that is, the light of transition from the corporeal state when he is in a group, studying but so far doing everything egotistically. He does not know what the intention for the sake of bestowal is because until he acquires a second nature, it is impossible to explain and depict it.

Just as the story of Passover describes the despair from the hard work for Pharaoh, so a person despairs to emerge from under the control of his egoism and to do something out of love for his neighbor. He does not find such forces, inclinations, and desires within himself.

Suddenly he feels that something is awakening in him, and he begins to understand that there really can be such a quality in a person called selfless bestowal.

It is because there is a special illumination that influences him and passes a new quality onto him. This is the change we need to yearn for. Of course, it does not come just out of a person’s effort but only due to the illumination from above. This is why all our work is a prayer, a request, that must be organized correctly in the ten regarding all the clarifications that we make when building our connection.

The entire process of the exodus from Egypt happens within the ten, within the ten Sefirot. Therefore, it becomes more and more obvious that everything is achieved through the force of the prayer, and we must direct all our efforts only to this: to pray together so that everyone feels his friend and is ready to help him.

Then we connect in our appeal to the upper force, we ask for the force of connection to help us find a mutual point between us so that everyone feels that they are coming out of themselves and becoming included in the common desire called the upper Malchut.

If each one is only inside himself, he is in the lower world. If he rises to the common desire, he already finds himself in the Malchut of the upper world. He thus enters the second phase of Passover, that is, the “transition,” taking a step toward the exodus from Egypt. He already wants not Pharaoh but the Creator to dominate over him so that the Creator rules within him. Therefore, he will have a special transition in order to change the upper authority from Pharaoh to the upper force.

One becomes more and more aware of how dependent and attached he is to his egoism, consciously or unconsciously constantly acting for one’s own benefit. Now he is beginning to think more and more about how he can act for the benefit of the Creator and for the benefit of the ten. This is already close to the exodus from Egypt and means that the lights of Passover are working on a person.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Cry Out Together

528.01If I cry out to the Creator alone, my cry will inevitably be egoistic and will remain unanswered. However, if I cry out from the group, then certainly the desires of others will be added there and to this extent the request will be heard. Therefore, there is no point in turning to the Creator alone because in this way a person does not build but destroys himself.

It is obvious that we need to turn to the Creator together and ask Him to actualize our connection. From this connection, we can turn to Him with even greater strength and ask for force for mutual bestowal to each other, and from us to the Creator.

We exit Egypt, which is between us, we cross the Final Sea (Yam Suf) between us, we move through the desert between us, we receive the Torah, which will be between us. Thus, we advance until we all are connected in mutual bestowal, and in the light of this bestowal we begin to see a new world, not like our present one, but billions of times larger, infinitely vast.

In addition, it is eternal and perfect, a world where we feel and understand everything and never feel tired, we move forward without any difficulties and obstacles. All this depends only on the connection between us.

Passover, the exodus from Egypt, Pharaoh, Nachshon jumping into the sea—all this takes place inside the ten. Each state begins with separation between the friends and ends with a complete connection in the ten within which, to the extent of our unity, we reveal the upper force, the Creator.

When they speak about great events—about the parting of the Red Sea, life and death, about harsh wars—all this exists only inside the ten. There is nothing but one spiritual Partzuf of the ten Sefirot that goes through all these states.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Balanced Consciousness

528.01Question: In what directions can you expand your consciousness by exiting yourself in the ten?

Answer: The new collective consciousness is built on the fact that everyone in the ten nullifies their egoism in order to connect with others. This is how a general, balanced consciousness that does not carry anything personal from these ten people appears. It is based on integration.

The integration they achieve is of a completely different nature, not personal, not human, but above human. Attaining it and working in it gives a person the opportunity to understand what the correct connection between people leads to.

When you annul yourself before another person and put him above yourself, you at the same time in a way “buy” his consciousness, his inner world, and bring yourself to enrichment by his personal baggage.
From KabTV’s “Together about the main thing” 9/2/18

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Bestowal Radar

935Whether our prayer reaches the Creator depends not even on its strength, but on its quality, on our desire to unite together in order to be like the Creator. If we unite like one man, just like the Creator is one, then we can receive an answer from Him, feel how He reigns in us.

As if we want to catch His wave, turn the knob of the radio receiver and tune in to it so that it starts playing within us. In this way we adjust ourselves more and more until we become at least in some way similar to the Creator, and then we grasp His quality within us. First, it will be the weakest light of Nefesh, then Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida de Nefesh de Nefesh, etc., until we reach the end of correction when the Creator completely clothes Himself within our connection. Accordingly, we will begin to reveal our connection with the other tens and with the whole world.

Our likeness to the Creator, thanks to which His wave can sound within us, depends on how much we establish connections between us, as if between the parts of a radio receiver that must connect and tune in to an external wave. Then this wave will begin to sound within us. This is called the revelation of the Creator to creation.

Depending on how much we want to complement each other, to unite, we accordingly build a receiver capable of capturing the Creator. Connection with the Creator is possible only through the connection between us, as it is said: “And from love of friends one can reach love of the Creator.” Love is the highest level of connection.

And when we communicate with each other by connecting all the details of our radio receiver, we begin to reveal the voice of the Creator within us. The same principle applies to spiritual work as to technology. The only difference is that we ourselves serve as parts of this receiver that must unite and tune to the Creator’s wave, that is, to bestowal.

If we want to be in mutual bestowal and from it in bestowal to the Creator, then the Creator makes a correction by attuning us so that we can correctly unite with each other and allow Him to be revealed within our union. Then we can catch Him like a radar.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/22/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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New Perception—Collective Consciousness

530Collective perception brings a person to a different plane. It says that you have to break away from yourself and enter the team, take everything that exists in the team as your own, try to think, act, and solve issues based on someone else’s opinion, someone else’s desire, and someone else’s goals.

Get used to this image and after a while see if you can return to yourself and to what extent it will be a different “you.”

Therefore, in Kabbalah, the so-called “ten” is practiced, when ten people unite with each other and organize a common base for desire, for a goal, for thought, in order to turn themselves into one whole. To do this, everyone must nullify themselves toward everyone else, and then, as a result of such joint work—it is not easy, it takes time—they turn into one whole, as it were.

It is very interesting to observe how they begin to think, celebrate, and solve problems. Everyone has a completely different ability to see the world at the same time. This is an integral perception of reality.

They can move away from that back to themselves, do the same exercise again in new conditions, unite together and thus see what the difference is between personal perception and integral perception. This is what Kabbalah practices. It advises us to interact in such a way in order to gradually understand what actually exists in our consciousness, how it works, how we can look at it a little differently, not from itself.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 9/2/18

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What Is Important For The Work In The Ten?

945Question: We are trying to implement spiritual work in the ten now. How important is the formal part of this work? I belong to a virtual ten and I do not exactly know who is in my ten. Is it important to know that?

Answer: You should try to connect in sensation. It makes no difference whether it is a virtual or a physical ten. The main thing is how much you try to connect by the efforts of the heart.

You don’t need to know who is in the ten exactly, what their marital, social status, etc. are. The only thing that is important for you is their spiritual yearning to the Creator through which you join them and advance together with them. All this takes place in spiritual space and there are no physical parameters in it at all.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/4/19

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Song For Two Voices

528.03Even if it seems to me that everything that happens to me depends on myself, on my friends, or on some other random reasons, in reality everything comes from the Creator.

If I perceive it this way, it means that I am always standing in front of the Creator and not in front of the Pharaoh or any other forces. This is what I need: always imagine myself standing in front of the Creator.

Then what I should do is try to see Him through all the influences He awakens in me, to understand that everything comes from the upper force, that there is nothing else besides it. Through this attitude to everything that is happening, I will already know how to respond. I have to connect as much as possible with the friends and connect with the Creator together with them until we reveal Him between us. Then the Creator will correct the connection between us and He will fill it.

This is our work at every moment of time. The states that arise between us on this path can be called Egypt, exile, the exodus from Egypt, and so on. However, in essence, this is the ten, which must constantly strengthen our connection, advance more and more in order to reveal the Creator in the connection between us, the upper force, which is the only one that controls everything.

This force appears to us in the form of Pharaoh, or the Creator, or various villains and righteous people. However, it is the Creator who plays with us all the time in order to awaken the ten and each of us for connection above all the changes that He caused in us, above all the disturbances.

Then we begin to understand the language of the Creator, to recognize what He wants from us, how He addresses us, how He plays on us as if on a musical instrument. We feel what changes He makes in us and how His lights spread inside our connections in the ten, that is, fill our Partzuf.

Accordingly, we can respond to His address and respond to Him. We have a common language, as it is written, “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.” The Creator speaks to us by changing our specific desires in the ten, and we want to connect on top of all the states; this is our response to Him. As a result we get a real song, He speaks to us, and we speak to Him, and we sing the song together.

The main thing is to picture that everything is inside the ten and not run away from it, but combine all the states together, into one system: seven years of satiation and seven years of hunger, Pharaoh, the Creator, and Moses. Then everything will fall into places wonderfully and easily.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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