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“Are Jews Also To Blame For The US Border Crisis?” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Are Jews Also to Blame for the US Border Crisis?

The situation at the border should be called by its name, a crisis. The U.S. border crisis is close to a disaster for the country on multiple levels, first and foremost, the human. Nearly 19,000 children and teenagers traveling without a parent were stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in March, the most ever in a single month. Those children joined already crammed cage-style detention centers where they stay in deplorable conditions, are at risk for contracting coronavirus, and allegedly are exposed to physical violence and sexual assault. What does this forbode for the future? And what does it have to do with the Jews?

So we may ask, “How could the border crisis possibly be connected to us?” The link stems from one reason: we live in a global world, a network of intricate interconnection, in which Jews are held accountable for everyone’s well-being, or conversely, for everyone’s predicaments.

Illegal immigration to the U.S. is not a new phenomenon, but with President Biden coming to power and abolishing Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, the borders have been literally overrun. Immigrants from Mexico and Central America feel the doors are wide open. As a result, in March alone over 170,000 migrants were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, a 71% spike over February’s official statistics, and the pace continues to accelerate.

I am not a member of the UN or any international human rights organizations that deems it their responsibility to fix the immigration problem. Rather, I am a public figure who agreed with Trump’s rigid stance regarding building a wall to make clear that without a visa, there can be no entry. Only then would it be possible to consider the right steps for the absorption of immigrants so that the mental and physical anguish at the borders could be avoided, at the very least.

For now, all the steps of President Biden and those around him are aimed at undoing the political trajectories that Trump established during his time in office. This obliges Biden and those who follow him, to begin again from the ground up. The question is how high will the human cost be to start over from scratch? How much suffering and sorrow, hunger and pain will be endured?

Nothing good will come out of this new policy of open borders, only social collapse. America may well sink. Entrepreneurs and businessmen, one by one, will begin to abandon the land of opportunity, that is diving into misfortune, instability, and insecurity, and will look for new possibilities in other countries like Canada, even Cuba will look more promising.

Just as the American forefathers emigrated from Western Europe to America, so too will businessmen and entrepreneurs begin to migrate outside the borders of America to set up factories and offices, establish banks and businesses. These new changes will shake the United States to the core.

The people who rule the country will be unable to control the chaos g and will lead society to total destruction in the so-called name of “democracy.” From the incompatibility of worldviews and general dissatisfaction with the direction the country is heading, social unrest may erupt.

American society, in all its sectors and communities, is in a process of gradual evolution. Until the desired maturity is reached, there must be a stable government with leaders who have a vision of the nation’s progress, who know how to wisely motivate millions of people to move the country forward.

This is how England, Germany and France were built over hundreds of years. It is impossible one fine morning to allow millions of immigrants from underdeveloped countries to enter and expect them to suddenly assimilate into society. It is impossible to instantly extend to them the reins of power in the name of liberalism without completely disrupting the process of smooth development.

I do not underestimate the will of migrant workers or the situation of refugees suffering from poor conditions and without basic human rights in their homelands. On the contrary, my heart goes out to each and every one of them. But at the political level there are laws and protocols that need to be followed. An integration program must be established as part of the U.S. immigration policy, a process to allow each immigrant to learn the language, get to know the local culture in depth, and understand the laws and norms accepted in society.

This can only happen under leadership that designs and implements a clear and orderly plan. A government that does not know how to stop the crisis before it explodes will inflict disaster on itself. And for now, the Biden government appears to be degenerating into total mayhem.

Although the Biden administration is now preoccupied with its breached borders, when the storm subsides, its next “problem” to tackle will be the State of Israel. In the current U.S. government’s sweet dream—which is a nightmare for most Israelis—a Palestinian state will be established on Israeli soil and that will be our end. While there is silence on this issue now, later the increasingly malicious message against Israel will resonate loud and clear. From there the road to inflicting wounds on the Jewish state is short indeed.

And why would such thoughts even arise in the heads of the American administration? Because the Jews who supported and still support Biden are willing to risk Israel’s future. This may sound like rough stitching between two entirely different conflicts, but no. The border crisis in the U.S., along with many others, is like a snowball beginning to roll from the top of a very steep slope, accumulating problems and troubles along the way. Just as Jews have historically been accused of being responsible for pestilences and conflicts, the same scenario will unfold here. We are one step closer to also being blamed for the border crisis, as antisemites proclaim, “the Jews are guilty of all the evil in the world!”

So we may ask, “How could the border crisis possibly be connected to us?” The link stems from one reason: we live in a global world, a network of intricate interconnection, in which Jews are held accountable for everyone’s well-being, or conversely, for everyone’s predicaments.

There is a general perception that Jews are not performing the role assigned to them by the ancient wisdom they hold, the secret of eternity, which they fail to reveal to every person on this planet so we can all achieve the ultimate happiness. This ancient wisdom is called the wisdom of connection and it teaches how the world is built, what its purpose is, and how we can create one human family that functions as an egalitarian society that cares for the weak as well as the strong.

As it is written, “No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.” (Yevamot 63). The first Chief Rabbi of the Land of Israel, Rav Kook, also wrote, “Humanity deserves to be united into a single family. At that time all the quarrels and the ill will that stem from divisions of nations and their boundaries shall cease. However, the world requires mitigation, whereby humanity will be perfected through each nation’s unique characteristics. This deficiency is what the Assembly of Israel will complement.” And in the words of foremost Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam),“The people of Israel, which has been chosen as an operator of the general purpose and correction … contains the preparation required for growing and developing until it moves the nations of the worlds, too, to achieve the common goal.”

In a nutshell, we need to implement what is deeply ingrained in our core values and heritage, our ability to connect as one man with one heart. When we put this law of nature into practice, we will truly become a “light unto the nations,” spreading an orderly system throughout the world and radiating warmth and love. This is the one and only mechanism for fending off threats and recovering the world’s balance.

“To Solve Migrant Crisis—Redefine Humanitarian Crisis” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “To Solve Migrant Crisis – Redefine Humanitarian Crisis

Fox News reported that in March alone, “Border officials encountered 172,000 migrants at the border … a 71% increase from February and the latest indicator of the extent of the crisis at the southern border. The 172,000 migrants … included 18,890 unaccompanied children – a 100% increase from the already high numbers encountered in February, and the highest number recorded.” Once across the border, these children are crammed into “pens” where thousands occupy spaces that were built to contain no more than 250 children. These pens are not only grossly overcrowded, they are a breeding ground for violent and sexual assaults on helpless children. Already, the stories coming from these coops are heart-wrenching. By all accounts, this is a horrifying humanitarian crisis, and its solution is nowhere in sight.

I think we need to redefine “humanitarian crisis” to include the human part of the crisis even before we consider the material part. The reason these crises are happening is that people do not receive the proper education before they immigrate. They are promised a land of unlimited opportunities and end up in cages, or refugee camps, or dropped off busses in a small town in the middle of nowhere and left alone.

Currently, a humanitarian crisis is defined as “a series of events that are threatening in terms of health, safety or well-being of a community or large group of people.” To solve such crises, various aid organizations provide material assistance to those affected by the predicament. In this way, we do not prevent future crises, do not help the people affected by them, but merely keep them alive and suffering. Emergency provision of food, tents, and basic medical assistance may look good in pictures circulated in order to draw more funds for the organizations that thrive on the suffering of the victims, but they do nothing to solve the problem.

Therefore, I think we need to redefine “humanitarian crisis” to include the human part of the crisis even before we consider the material part. The reason these crises are happening is that people do not receive the proper education before they immigrate. They are promised a land of unlimited opportunities and end up in cages, or refugee camps, or dropped off buses in a small town in the middle of nowhere and left alone.

A border should be closed for everyone except those that a country wants to admit after testing that applicants meet the required criteria. If people want to immigrate to a new country to improve their condition, they should first make the necessary preparations: learn the language of the new country, acquire required work skills so they don’t become a burden on the new country’s welfare system, and acquaint themselves with the basic civics of their future home.

The current situation where people are flooding the border is a recipe for disaster. It is already happening, but it will grow much worse! In simple words, it is a suicidal policy. If it continues, we will begin to see migration in the opposite direction where the educated and affluent “relocate” to more sustainable societies. The pouring of migrants into the United States rattles the pillars of democracy. It will not be long before they collapse and America falls from the zenith to the nadir.

Still, as long as this scenario has not materialized, it is possible to avoid it. It takes resolve, but I don’t see what other option this mighty nation has.

Opposite Elements Of Creation

546.02Question: According to Kabbalah, what is the main difference in the nature of male and female parts?

Answer: Absolutely everything. There is nothing more opposite in nature than a man and a woman. Moreover, this difference increases all the time; it first begins to manifest in inanimate objects, even in minerals, then in plants, even more in animals, and even more in humans.

That is, a developed man and woman, if they are really highly developed as personalities, represent the most opposite elements of creation. There can be nothing alike in them. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to come to some kind of agreement, they simply do not understand each other and cannot in any way get closer to be in likeness to each other.

Question: That is, all their attempts to understand each other’s view of the world, in principle, fail?

Answer: In the end, yes. We see that we are gradually entering a big crisis: children leave home, parents get divorced, they cannot bear each other, a person hates himself.

He not only cannot get along with the opposite sex, but he also has all sorts of abnormal drives and realization of sexual needs. In general, gender, marriage, family, and children, all this in our time is beginning to literally crumble and get out of control of previous laws and conditions.

Therefore, there is a Kabbalistic methodology that explains how we can really come to unity. It is a whole system of knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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“Pure Passion For Power” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Pure Passion for Power

A few weeks ago, a startling headline on the Daily Mail announced, “The British schools selling out to Beijing: Not only are private institutions being bought by Chinese firms but some are giving communist-approved lessons that are a threat to free speech.” The story stated that “Hundreds of independent schools left in dire financial straits by the coronavirus pandemic are being targeted by Chinese investors,” and “Experts anticipate a ‘feeding frenzy’ as firms, including some run by high-ranking members of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, seek to expand their influence over Britain’s education system.” To date, “Seventeen schools are already owned by Chinese companies,” nine of which “are owned by firms whose founders or bosses are among China’s most senior Communist Party members.”

Suspicion and enmity the world over are intensifying to the point that we are approaching another world war. No one can win this war since we are all dependent on each other, but unless we understand it, we will go to war anyway and everyone will lose, terribly.

This revelation should not surprise us. The Chinese are not even shy about their intentions. According to the story, “One firm admitted its acquisition of British schools is aimed [at] supporting China’s controversial Belt And Road strategy, which aims to expand Beijing’s global influence.”

In fact, I think there is much more to it than that. The Chinese agenda is very simple: Conquer the world without destroying it. Because they’re not European, or even American, they have to take some detours, such as going through the education system, but this will not stop them. The Chinese want one and only thing: Chinese hegemony. There is no ideology behind it, not socialism, not communism, and not capitalism. You don’t need to give up anything in order to give them dominance, which is why their ambition is so elusive. They don’t power in order to promote some idea, but power for the sake of power. Once they buy something, they know it’s theirs, and that’s the end of it; they’re happy that it’s theirs.

What does this mean for us? It’s a display of the ego, very simple. For centuries, the Chinese ego had been latent, and now it is bursting out.

In all honesty, if I can get what I need, the service or the product that I want, I don’t care who owns it. This is why I don’t see any real issue here, as some are trying to make of this stealth invasion. If they buy a company but it continues to work as before, then what difference does it really make? Ownership is not something that troubles me.

I think that the more important point is that we need to know that if we want to use something correctly, we can do it only through mutual connection and mutual dependence. The owner’s name makes no difference. We should shift our attention from power struggles to a struggle for connection, for bonding among all of humanity.

Suspicion and enmity the world over are intensifying to the point that we are approaching another world war. No one can win this war since we are all dependent on each other, but unless we understand it, we will go to war anyway and everyone will lose, terribly.

Therefore, if we want security, we should shift our focus from a passion for power to a passion for connection. And the more people join the movement, the faster it will spread.

How To Get To The Point?

278.03Comment: Currently, all free news, if not fake, then is mostly biased. And if a question is very important to you, you have to pay money to get to the bottom of it.

My Response: You won’t get to anything. There is nothing true in any news. Even if you learn something about some event, the one who described it and suggested it to you still works from someone, from something, for something!

If I am guided by my egoism, it means that I involuntarily have to do everything that is good for the customer. And therefore, there is nothing objective.

Question: How can people with such tendencies get to true knowledge if digital dictatorships, the digital elites, will push out more and more what they need?

Answer: We see how this is happening today. Humanity is ready to use drugs just to feel good: “I don’t need anything else.” If before I had beer and football, today I have drugs. Tomorrow it may be some wonderful programs that fill me up.

Without realizing or even realizing that I do not need it, I still want to press it, like animals in experiments press a pedal to get a positive charge of pleasure. The mechanics are very simple.

As long as there is a center of pleasure in a person and it can be nourished, he will be nourished by it. He doesn’t care if it’s true or false, the main thing is that I’m enjoying this moment. And what will happen in the next moment, I do not know and do not want to know. This is all well known.

I think that all technologies will be aimed, first of all, at calming people down, and then at creating conditions for the gradual reduction of humanity.

After all, good material conditions have been created for humanity for people to multiply. But for what? Therefore, other technologies are already working now. I think that in the near future we will begin to feel how much this is all going back to reduction, very serious and sharp.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st Century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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Two Angels Accompany Humanity

631.1Once man comes to his Egypt, over time he acquires greater and greater desire to receive there. At first, he accepts this desire with joy. He feels good about the fact that he is developing, getting richer, and understanding the world.

This is how our entire world has been developing until recently. But we suddenly discover that all our achievements are not good for us. In fact, we have built a prison for ourselves, real slavery that we cannot escape from. Egoism is burying us, binding us hand and foot. Even though we have done so many seemingly good things for ourselves, they suddenly start to overpower us and control us.

First, I work in order to acquire things, and then I have to continue and continue to work in order to maintain my acquisitions, develop, and improve them. I am working harder and harder to pay for a bigger house, a car, a better school for the kids, and a lot of other things.

A person sees that he is in slavery. Previously, he thought that he was arranging life for his own benefit. Now it turns out that he cannot rest and enjoy life. He is working more and more. His wife is working now too, and they still cannot get out of debt. This is real slavery, which has no end in sight.

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic happened, and who knows how many more such blows are awaiting us ahead. We are beginning to realize that we have built a life that is no good. Yet, there is a positive aspect in this because it is now that the wisdom of Kabbalah can be revealed and people are able to listen to it. And this is why it is being revealed.

Then these two forces that appear in nature: the Pharaoh on one hand and the Creator on the other, help us advance to the end of correction, “…the two angels that accompany one on the eve of Shabbat [Sabbath]…”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach “(Passover)

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Entering A New Level Of Existence

928As humanity is developing, it has gradually come to a state where it is trying to break through from the introverted existence into the extro one, to come out, to break our past framework, to break away from all the animal that is in us, from all the conventions that were between us.

We want to make a radical reassessment of all values and reach a completely new level of existence where I detach myself from my body.

All attempts to find life in some other form indicate that a person needs to rise above himself. This endeavor must be crowned with success. But now we are still in an intermediate state.

Of course, the world is very confused and does not understand itself. But Kabbalists who see the whole perspective of development and know what is going to happen are happy about such a rapid change in the world, a change in people’s consciousness. They try to explain to them what is happening so that a person in these states does not walk in the dark.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up” 11/8/09

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Will We Manage To Reach The End Of Correction?

290Question: There are people who engage in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years, who dedicate their lives to it, but do not manage to reach the goal of going through all the 125 levels. The end of correction seems hard to attain and even impossible and there are only two hundred and fifty years left until the end of correction.

What will happen to humanity if people do not manage to reach the end of correction during this time?

Answer: You are wrong. The fact is that the process of social development is greatly accelerated today and so is the motion forward.

For example, in the EU nothing has happened after 20 years! Although this is the most developed, most advanced and educated part of the world. It is not America, and not even Russia, it is Europe! It is an ancient, historical, cultural, and technological region where everything is concentrated: art, music, science, and education, all this is Europe!

What is America? How old is it? One hundred and fifty years ago, they still scalped people there. It only seems to us that it was a long time ago, yet in fact it is not, but we are simply developing very quickly.

What is Russia? One hundred years ago, they still plowed fields with horses and died of hunger.

Europe is still Europe! What has been happening there in the last twenty years? They have been trying to unite and that is it; now they are already falling. Liberalism and democracy are quickly destroying Europe!

They have done this in twenty years and there are still two hundred years ahead of us. So, we will manage to reach correction. I am absolutely sure of that.

Nature has prepared everything so that it is actually in the last phases that our advancement becomes qualitative and not quantitative. Now we will see how we are pushed forward each year and how we are led to break through forward.

We will manage to do it!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/13/19

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Work For All Mankind

582.03Comment: Today many countries are faced with the question of what to do with the impending mass unemployment. After all, this is a huge layer of people who will need to be supported.

My Response: There is already work for them: to learn how to gather themselves into one single collective, how to be satisfied with exactly what is necessary for existence in corporeality and in spirituality, to unite with each other in love your neighbor as yourself, and in this movement friend  to friend, to begin to comprehend the upper force.

So, there is work for all to unite. It is better if it is broken down into a large number of individuals. I believe that people need to do just that. Therefore, the most important thing is social work, which should be carried out with everyone.

Question: What benefit will the elite see from this work of the masses?

Answer: The elite, of course, must also reorganize. There will be many more problems until they, delirious with the desire for profit, power, comfort, supporting each other, creating the so-called “Hollywood,” and so on, do not pass the realization of the evil of their nature, the worthlessness of their existence.

I think that for this we need to show them that they are deceiving themselves. They not only distribute drugs to the masses, but, in principle, are themselves under the drug of wealth, power, and vanity fairs.

We need to shake them up with the fact that their life is temporary, worthless. Well, they will live 10 to 20 years longer than the rest, and then what? Rot? Here they are offered something completely different, to exchange their false freedom, power, and vanity for eternity and perfection.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st Century” 4/24/19

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The Needs Of The Generation

546.02Question: On one hand, the younger generation has a goal because they are developing in a certain global direction. In a study when students were asked to report what the meaning of their chosen profession is, 99% said they wanted to help people. In doing so, they want to create a different world. They immerse themselves in virtual reality and say: “This world is not interesting to me, it is cruel and dirty, and here I have my own world, and I am not alone in it.”

How can they fulfill this goal if they have such an attitude?

Answer: You will not do anything. Everything is specially arranged so that they become disillusioned with our world and understand that it really should be different.

It should be based not on some material objects and earthly relationships, but on deeper, inner sensations and relationships. This is what the current generation needs.

This generation is very special and somehow makes me admire them.

They are ready to be taught the method of spiritual elevation, but the method may not yet be ready for them. It takes some time for them to adapt to the method and the method to adapt to them. Therefore, they need to talk about it, show it, suggest. I hope this connection will happen soon.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 7/13/18

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